Shimpei Yamaguchi

Shimpei Yamaguchi
Fine art photographer. Born in Fuchu, Tokyo in 1986. Raised in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Loved to play with crafts and nature since childhood. Studied Japanese garden and landscape design at the Department of Landscape Architecture at Tokyo University of Agriculture. Woke up to the fun of photography at the encounter with Rinko Kawauchi’s photobook “Utatane,” and started producing works using photography as a means of expression in 2014. Exhibits works both at home and abroad as a fine art photographer while working as a park administrator. Creates works based on inspiration gained through interaction with animals, plants, and nature. 

Solo Exhibition
2014 May  Light fairies – SPACE K Daikanyama

Group Exhibition, Art Fair, etc.
2014 Feb  ONAEBA vol.14 Yokohama – Pacifico Yokohama
2014 Mar  Exhibition by the Mayor of Yokohama Award winners – Yokohama Marine Tower
2014 Jun Photonico 2014 – Gallery LE DECO, Shibuya
2015 Jun Photonico 2015 – Gallery LE DECO, Shibuya
2015 Jul  Six senses summer festa – SPACE K Daikanyama
2016 Feb  ONAEBA vol.18 Yokohama- Osanbashi Hall, Yokohama
2017 Feb  ONAEBA vol.20 – BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama
2017 Oct  TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2017 – Warehouse TERRADA, Tennoz Isle
2018 Mar  ONAEBA2018 –  Osanbashi Hall, Yokohama
2018 Nov  PHOTO CAMP 2018 – B&C HALL, Tennoz Isle
2019 Mar  ONAEBA 2019 – Osanbashi Hall, Yokohama
2019 Jul  ART BOOK / ART GOODS – BankART Station, Yokohama
2019 Jul  TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2019 – The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
2019 Sep  KANSAI ONAEBA 2019 – CASO, Osaka
2019 Oct  SETOUCHI ART BOOK FAIR 2019, Setouchi Triennale 2019- Hiunkaku, Takamatsu
2019 Nov Polycopies – Bateau Concorde-Atlantique, Paris
2019 Dec Libro Arte Pop-up Store – HIJU GALLERY, Osaka
2020 Feb 9th EMON AWARD Finalists Exhibition – EMON Photo Gallery, Tokyo

The Mayor of Yokohama Award – ONAEBA vol.14 Yokohama
Recommend by INTERART7 – Photonico 2015
Nominated for Reviewer Award by Seiji Komatsu – EMON Photo Gallery Director – ONAEBA vol.20 Yokohama
Recommend by Ivan Vartanian – PHOTO CAMP 2018
Nominated for Reviewer Award by Seiji Komatsu – EMON Photo Gallery Director – ONAEBA 2019
Reviewer Award by Yoshihiro Taniguchi & Takaharu Furutani – digmeout – KANSAI ONAEBA 2019
Wonder Foto DayAward – Fang Yen Wen – KANSAI ONAEBA 2019
Nominated for Reviewer Award by Haruhisa Yamaguchi – KANSAI ONAEBA 2019
Nominated for Sponsor Award by EPSON – KANSAI ONAEBA 2019
9th EMON AWARD Finalists
the Grand Prix at KANSAI ONAEBA 2019
ONAEBA 2019 of the Year Award